“Inhabit” is a documentary film project that aims to expand the reach and relatability of permaculture. Permaculture is a design science based on the observation and replication of patterns and relationships found in nature; it is an approach to designing sustainable systems of agriculture, community, economics, politics, and more.

We will travel in a solar and veggie-oil-powered bus documenting the people and projects currently giving voice to permaculture in the Northeast. We will look at permaculture practices in rural, suburban, and urban environments to break away from the conception of it being purely agricultural, and we will explore the breadth of its application to current local and global challenges - from issues of food, water, and medicine, to governance, economy, and culture.


Costa is a native of the Hudson River Valley in New York. His studies in visual arts coupled with a deep fascination in permaculture and ecological design has led him to focus on sharing these insights through digital storytelling. After traveling around the Northeast US for a year learning more about this design philosophy and living at permaculture sites he was inspired to make his first feature documentary. After raising funds on KickStarter he converted a 1982 VW Van to run on vegetable oil and solar panels and began a three year journey to make INHABIT.


Emmett lives in community in Northern California. As a filmmaker, he shares stories that reveal and propel humanity towards the creation of a more beautiful world. He does this to express his love and to serve the upliftment of culture and consciousness. He is both a Director and a Producer with experience bringing two feature length films to completion: To The Moon (a film about cyclists and cooperatives) and Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective (a film about the ecological redesign of today’s agriculture). Both films have received critical acclaim, with Inhabit going on to win Audience Choice Awards at The Princeton Environmental Film Festival and The Environmental Film Festival at Yale. Emmett is currently in development of a follow-up film to Inhabit that will share solutions to water crises the world-over - Reflection: A Permaculture Perspective on Water. For more information you can reach Emmett at

ALED ROBERTS                              COMPOSER

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Aled Roberts is a native of Boise, Idaho. He moved to New York to study music composition at NYU and now resides in Brooklyn where he writes, records and produces music in his basement studio using his Kimball baby grand piano, unhealthy collection of instruments, samples and plugins, and wide range of musical resources stemming from the relationships he has created in New York. Aled Roberts has created a wide variety of work for independent filmmakers, student films and commercial spots. A multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre-ist, Aled is musically flexible and able to adapt his profound sense of tone, melody and harmony to any visual and emotional cue.