“Inhabit” is a documentary film project that aims to expand the reach and relatability of permaculture. Permaculture is a design science based on the observation and replication of patterns and relationships found in nature; it is an approach to designing sustainable systems of agriculture, community, economics, politics, and more.

We will travel in a solar and veggie-oil-powered bus documenting the people and projects currently giving voice to permaculture in the Northeast. We will look at permaculture practices in rural, suburban, and urban environments to break away from the conception of it being purely agricultural, and we will explore the breadth of its application to current local and global challenges - from issues of food, water, and medicine, to governance, economy, and culture.

Radix Center

Scott Kellog is the founder of the Radix Center in Albany, NY where he is practicing "ecological literacy and environmental stewardship through educational programs based around demonstrations of sustainable technologies."

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He is designing closed loop ecosystems that can work well in the urban landscape for food production and animal feed! Aquaponics, Duck-A-PooP-A-Ponics and many other small scale systems that have ecological strength and resilience. 

We got to speak in depth with him about how these systems can be scaled up and what cities can be when seen as cyclical ecosystems.  

Urban Permaculture takes on new shapes and sounds at the Radix Center with chickens, ducks, fish, pigeons and silkworms! 



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